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A screenshot of the Taekwindow preferences dialog
The Taekwindow preferences dialog

What is Taekwindow?

Taekwindow is a simple, lightweight and free Windows program that allows you to move and resize windows by dragging them with the Alt key, similar to many X11 window managers.

Why would I want it?

If you’re a Linux or other Unix user, you are probably familiar with Alt-dragging. Once you have gotten used to it, you’ll want to use it in Windows as well.

But even if you’re not used to Alt-dragging, it can still make your Windows experience more pleasant. Especially when you have a large monitor, or multiple monitors, you’re moving your mouse much more than you ought to. Taekwindow can save you time, frustration and RSI!

What exactly does it do?

In full detail, Taekwindow allows you to do the following:

All these features can be configured to your liking.

I’m convinced. How do I get it?

Taekwindow is completely free. It is a tiny download, and does not require installation: you can be running it only seconds from now. Go and download it!