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This ZIP file contains the latest version of the program itself.

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I work on this program in my spare time, and give it away to the world without demanding anything in return. However, if you want to show your appreciation and support, please consider donating.

Donations are a great way to keep up my motivation to work on Taekwindow, and will also get my attention if you want me to add a particular feature (although you should contact me first to ask if I think it can and should be done at all).

Through PayPal, donating is quick and easy:

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Source code

The source code is hosted on GitHub, in the form of a Visual C++ 2008 solution. This is probably only interesting for developers. The clone command is:

git clone git://github.com/ttencate/taekwindow.git

News feed

To stay updated with the latest version, you can point your RSS/Atom feed reader to the Taekwindow news feed.